About us

Europe Direct Info-Point Europa

Our mission

We inform citizens and local organisations about the European Union and give advice on European issues. We aim to educate about the European Union, making it more transparent and encourage citizens to participate in shaping Europe.

Info-Point Europa Hamburg is part of the german EUROPE DIRECT network, which is part of an Europe-wide association of centers. This network is managed by the European Commission.

Our services include

  • giving advice on European issues
  • research of specialized information and official documents
  • providing information documents of the European Commission and the European Parliament and other publications on European topics
  • organising Events on current European topics



Further information in English

Most information on our pages is in german because we mostly interact with the german public sphere and our mission has a clear geographical focus. However we do speak english and are happy to help you. If you haven't found what you have been looking for, please contact us via mail, phone or visit us at our office at the chamber of commerce in the heart of Hamburgs city.